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Hi May, Wow, one star. Firstly, your dispute with value: Cityswoon posted on Jul 10, Hi Marley, thanks for the lovely review! We agree, face-to-face is special. Dannyboy asked on May 22, Hi Dannyboy, Thanks for your question! Unlike any other speed dating events in the world, we track who you have previously matched before so you don't get matched up again. So, if you are at the same event as someone you have met before, you will not date them again.

Hope to see you at an event soon! Cityswoon replied on May 23, That would depend on whether the venue has wi-fi available or not.

I would suggest having data available on your phone. Curious replied on Feb 26, Jord asked on Oct 24, I think you can use it through logging in to the website. But only a smart phone can access a website. Bambilicious replied on Oct 24, Hi Jord, Thank you for your question! You just log into Cityswoon. Our website transforms to an app-like site to display your next date. And your date can find you, because they see your photo.

Also, all our events are currently hosted by a Cityswoon representative, so if you get stuck on the technology, there's always a very friendly, experienced person there to help. Cityswoon replied on Oct 25, Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Zero talent and average hosts! Ok so where do I start?

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What I found at Cityswoon is it's nasty and too much for what you get! There are a couple of other speed dating organisers that charge half the price with double the quality. If you're after reasonable looks or more in a partner with some sanity venture elsewhere. It is exploring vulnerabilities in single people and advertises falsely in their pictures, if you think they look like that then you'll be more disappointed!

My advice is try others and you may just be pleasantly surprised. Stupid concept of using technology that's not necessary to find our date, ridiculous! At the end of the day money is invested to find a possible partner not using our phones. Technology has ruined relationships so why use one during a date???!!!

Shallow Dating: Are We Blinded By Looks?

Cityswoon has it half right but are missing essentials. After attending a few events with them and trying others I recommend you do the same, try others. I have some stories I can share but what I say is this If you believe in your product, give a money back guarantee, so Cityswoon that is what I think should be offered but they won't because they know they dish out garbage. Good luck and hope you find love. Write a review on ProductReview. Cityswoon Official Hi Brett, We don't cater for men who want to meet women years younger than themselves as you complained to me personally, several times, that we don't do.

Well organised and a fun night. I was really nervous about my first time speed dating but the nerves soon passed on entering.

You're better in real life.

Chris greeted me with a warm welcome and all nerves faded. All the guys were friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was nice to have the opportunity to engage in conversation with compete strangers in a relaxed environment. Cityswoon Official Hi MrPJB, thanks so much for taking the time to review us - we're really glad you enjoyed the night!

Too expensive, poor quality of men, no variety of drinks on tap. My first ever Cityswoon date night. The guys were already drunk by 8 pm. I couldn't figure out whether it was the alcohol talking or dating jitters. A great way to mingle but poor quality of men and they didn't offer ciders. I had to pay for it. The online matching is even worse. I have responded to so many questions without any replies. Frustrating to say the least. I am a single Perth lady ready to mingle.

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November 11th Update: What criteria do you use when doing the speed date matching? I attended my second cityswoon recently and i was disappointed with the quality of the men available. Nothing in common with all the guys i was matched with. Majority of them have grown up kids - i don't but looking forward to having some in the near future. Do something about the men to women ratio.

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Secondly, do your matching based on common values and interests available on profiles. Great Relaxed Way to Date. After being to many other speed dating nights I found City Swoon the best way to meet new people. The relaxed atmosphere and venues are on point. The Staff running the event and the app used make it very easy to find your next date. I would recommend this over any other speed dating company due to the fact you get more time with each date and dont feel rush in a straight line. Cityswoon Official Hi John, thanks for sharing your thoughts on our events, we appreciate it and will pass on your thoughts to our hosts and venues.

Met a beautiful girl in a crowed bar as a result on the City Swoon event, we hit it off and there has been no looking back. Shot down to Melbourne for the ballet and proposed during the intermission. We were in the right place at the right time both mind body and soul. Cityswoon Official Hi Turtle, thank you for sharing that awesome news!

Great fun and well structured. After trying both speed dating and online dating previously, this was a great experience. I was matched with like minded people in a fun and relaxed environment. I met my partner through city swoon and have been with her for 8 months. We are both still amazed that we found each other and are so thankful.

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Cityswoon Official Hi Brett, Wow! This date night event was awesome, the staff are amazing. One in particular staff member is Chris from Sydney! He is the admin guy and he was so amazing over emails! You will not regret going or if you email Chris, he was so accommodating and went beyond his way for me. Cityswoon Official Hi Anne, thank you for the review!

I have been to quite a lot of speed dating over the years. So to sit for 15 minutes on a date is way too long. Food was trash and basic drinks the only good thing was the host. Worst set up iv been too no atmosphere full boring I wanted to leave when I got there. These girls were not matched to me and also they need to check if as fact most were older than 49 Total waste of my time and money. There are plenty of better sites than this and half the price. They indicated 15 dates not 8. Cityswoon Official Hi Dissappointed, Dates at our events last minutes, but because people are free to roam, there's a bit of time for a reshuffle - so talk time of around I've recommended it to my girlfriends I'm no longer single, but after recommending it to yet another girl friend recently, I realised I should probably write a review: P Cityswoon is a speed dating site which doesn't follow the typical speed dating format.

Instead of the ladies being seated with the guys rotating after every 5 minutes, their web app matched me to a subset of guys who met my criteria, who I got to talk to for longer. There is ample time for mingling, however, where I got the opportunity to talk to people I hadn't matched with. The hosts were professional, the venues were great, there was yummy food and drinks on offer.

The food was quite delicious, versus another company who served Dominos at a bar!

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