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I haven't played as much as the regular T5 US mediums but I had a couple of battles last night that showed what it can do in the hands of a distinctly average player. I'll upload the replays and post a link in a mo. VeryRisky 6 Posted 01 March - Here we are with my last two battles: Edited by VeryRisky, 01 March - Tiberius16 7 Posted 01 March - The gun is nice and accurate, has good pen, good ROF and good dmg. GreySpring 9 Posted 01 March - At half price maybe.

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  • Panzer IV Schmalturm Matchmaking Needs Fixing!

If you liked the old PzIV and you like the new one, then yes. Good on paper, but prepare for the harsh thruth: FadetoB1ack 10 Posted 01 March - The TOG is the only one that is uninteresting to me. Schmalturm has a good but not 'great' turret, good accuracy and aim time and quite a fair damage per minute.

It however is also very slow not just because of the lack of horse power but also because of it's rubbish tracks which suffer greatly over rough terrain. You can forget to call it a medium tank, it's a heavy unlike the old Pz IV at tier 5. Ahh, also the gun depression is quite good but not spectacular. Overall it's a good tank worth buying if you like combat at a distance and using hull down tactics.

Ram II isn't really fast but it still has some speed, it's armour is good enough against tier 4 and if used right against a lot of tier 5s too. The gun is almost identical to the Churchill III ussr premium tank except for some loss for rate of fire. The rate of fire is still however really awesome for a tier 5 but the alpha damage is really weak. Overall it's a good tank worth buying if you like close combat and flanking. I hate having to sit back and take pop shots at tanks because I can't risk being hit. Sloped armor makes bounces very common, Hit Point count of 1, is darn good and it accelerates a bit faster.

Sees the same matchmaking as the Panzer IV S Why should the Panzer IV S. Well, let me know what you think. This marks my second vehicle rant Lert 2 Posted Mar 17 - I'm gonna have to go with no, on this. Regular tier 6 mediums don't have much more health than you do, and they seem to do fine. The points you make - valid though they are - is what makes the Pz IV S a premie,.

Legiondude 3 Posted Mar 17 - The low hit points make this thing a slow scout in a tier 10 match. TheHolyRoller 4 Posted Mar 17 - Lert 5 Posted Mar 17 - Of course I knew what I was getting into, and I do good in the tank. It's just when I occasionally have to go face to face with an IS-6 or and IS-3 and can't do great damage to them before my crew is getting a lead shower from mms.

TheHolyRoller 6 Posted Mar 17 - Tier 6 mediums shouldn't get blasted to smitheroons by mm AT guns? I would like to see the Pz4 shmalturm given preferential MMing, but then nerfed accordingly.

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To me it would be more appealing, even if it did not perform as well as it currently does. Heck even a similar change to the t would fly in my books. Firemoth 8 Posted Mar 17 - This allowed the torque shaft to clear the rotary base junction, which provided electrical power to turn the turret, while connecting to the transmission box mounted in the hull between the driver and radio operator.

Due to the asymmetric layout, the right side of the tank contained the bulk of its stowage volume, which was taken up by ready-use ammunition lockers.

Accepted into service as the Versuchskraftfahrzeug Vs. Krupp Grusonwerk AG factory at Magdeburg. A was protected by This was only capable of stopping artillery fragments , small-arms fire, and light anti-tank projectiles.

After manufacturing 35 tanks of the A version, in production moved to the Ausf. B chassis starting in August Bs were manufactured before the introduction of the Ausf. The last of the Ausf. Cs was produced in August , and production changed to the Ausf. However, with the rapid German victory in France, the original order of 80 tanks was canceled before they entered production.

Is it worth it? - Pz. IV S Review

In October , the Ausf. This had 30 millimetres 1. G, was relocated forward on the turret eliminating the bulge underneath the cupola. Es were produced between October and April The wider tracks also facilitated the fitting of track shoe "ice sprags ", and the rear idler wheel and front sprocket were modified.

Weak points of Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm

F was changed in the meantime to Ausf. F1, after the distinct new model, the Ausf. A total of Ausf. F later temporarily called F1 tanks were produced from April to March On 26 May , mere weeks before Operation Barbarossa , during a conference with Hitler, it was decided to improve the Panzer IV's main armament. The first prototype was to be delivered by 15 November Because the recoil length was too great for the tank's turret, the recoil mechanism and chamber were shortened. This resulted in the millimetre 2.

In spite of the designers' efforts to conserve weight, the new weapon made the vehicle nose-heavy to such an extent that the forward suspension springs were under constant compression. F2 with the designation Sd.

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The tank increased in weight to Differences between the Ausf. F1 and the Ausf. F2 was renamed Ausf. G went through further modifications, including another armor upgrade which consisted of a millimetre 1. Complementing this, brackets for seven spare track links were added to the glacis plate. For operation in high temperatures, the engine's ventilation was improved by creating slits over the engine deck to the rear of the chassis, and cold weather performance was boosted by adding a device to heat the engine's coolant, as well as a starter fluid injector.

A new light replaced the original headlight and the signal port on the turret was removed. The next version, the Ausf. H, began production in June [3] and received the designation Sd. The integrity of the glacis armor was improved by manufacturing it as a single millimetre 3. A reinforced final drive with higher gear ratios was introduced. H's production run, its rubber-tired return rollers were replaced with cast steel, a lighter cast front sprocket and rear idler wheel gradually replaced the previous components, [43] the hull was fitted with triangular supports for the easily damaged side skirts, the Nebelwurfgeraet was discontinued, and a mount in the turret roof, designed for the Nahverteidigungswaffe , was plugged by a circular armored plate due to initial production shortages of this weapon.

These modifications meant that the tank's weight increased to 25 tonnes An experimental version of the Ausf H was fitted with a hydrostatic transmission but was not put into production. Despite addressing the mobility problems introduced by the previous model, the final production version of the Panzer IV—the Ausf. J—was considered a retrograde from the Ausf. Born of necessity, to replace heavy losses, it was greatly simplified to speed production. The turret traversing mechanism was modified and fitted with a second gear which made hand-operation easier when the vehicle was on sloping terrain.

F tank design, and partly developed by Rheinmetall from early onwards — to a Panzer IV hull. This failed and confirmed that the chassis had reached the limit of its adaptability in both weight and available volume. The Panzer IV was originally intended to be used only on a limited scale, so initially Krupp was its sole manufacturer. Prior to the Polish campaign, only Panzer IVs had been produced: B; and Ausf. In , an average of 39 tanks per month were built; this rose to 83 in , in , and in These were used to train Italian crews while the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was deposed, but were retaken by Germany during its occupation of Italy in mid Although the Panzer IV was deployed to north Africa with the German Afrika Korps , until the longer gun variant began production, the tank was outperformed by the Panzer III with respect to armor penetration.

At the time, these were the only German tanks that could defeat T or KV-1 with sheer firepower. The Panzer IV continued to play an important role during operations in , including at the Battle of Kursk.

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Newer types, such as the Panther, were still experiencing crippling reliability problems that restricted their combat efficiency, [91] so much of the effort fell to the Panzer IVs that took part in the battle. German counter-attacks were blunted in the face of Allied artillery, infantry-held anti-tank weapons , tank destroyers and anti-tank guns , as well as the ubiquitous fighter bomber aircraft.

German tankers in all theaters were "frustrated by the way these skirts were easily torn off when going through dense brush". The Allies had also been developing lethality improvement programs of their own; the widely used American-designed M4 Sherman medium tank, while mechanically reliable, suffered from thin armor and an inadequate gun.

panzer 4 s matchmaking Panzer 4 s matchmaking
panzer 4 s matchmaking Panzer 4 s matchmaking
panzer 4 s matchmaking Panzer 4 s matchmaking
panzer 4 s matchmaking Panzer 4 s matchmaking
panzer 4 s matchmaking Panzer 4 s matchmaking

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