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Members again witness four person in dark robe carrying a stretcher with a Mi-ra laying on it. The fifth person in dark robe is presumably the Infirmary teacher Ge Bo-lin that dropped a bunch of keys on the floor. Ho-dong's plan is to get the members to find the dark robes to disguise as the followers to save Mi-ra. O searched the Changing Room to find the dark robes that are put aside for washing. Remaining members joined in to searched the room. Dong-hyun accidentally found a push button when playing with the pile of sand in a container which reveal a secret room behind the mirror. Members also found Gu Ha-li laying unconsciously on the table.

Byung-Jae sprayed the antidote that was recovered from the Infirmary Room to revive Ha-li from the "anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic". Members asked Ha-li if she can recollect what happened to her and Mi-ra. Ha-li reply was she drank the "anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic" given by the history teacher and became unconscious and Mi-ra also did the same thing. Ha-li presume that Mi-ra was the first to be sacrificed. Ha-li has some knowledge on how the followers will patrol the 2nd floor and members need to be stealthy.

Ha-li reveal that the dark robe are available in the 2nd floor Follower Dormitory and Mi-ra should be in the 2nd floor Preparation Room. Members need to hurry to rescue Mi-ra before she is sacrificed. Ho-dong's plan is to quickly go to the 2nd floor Follower Dormitory to put on the dark robe to disguise as the followers and go to the Preparation Room to rescue Mi-ra.

Ha-li suggested to first locate the whereabouts of Mi-ra. At the 1st Floor Corridor, Byung-Jae mentioned that the members do not have the key to open the gate to the 2nd floor. Ha-li mentioned that the key should be in one of the books of the Library and Byung-Jae explained to Ha-li that there is no key in the book. Mi-ra was the last person to have borrowed the book. Members suddenly remembered that Mi-ra's coat was left in the Sacrificial Waiting Room, found the key and unlock gate to the 2nd floor.

As Jong-min tried to retrieve the antidote to revive Mi-ra, the Infirmary teacher Ge Bo-lin appeared. She was shocked and told the members and Ha-li to hide as the followers are approaching. The followers and Infirmary teacher left with the partially mummified Mi-ra to the Temple.

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Ho-dong was sad that they should have bring the antidote along and save Mi-ra. Byung-Jae found Ha-li's photograph in the sarcophagus. Ha-li is supposed to be the 11th girl to be sacrificed. O secretly return to the Sacrificial Waiting Room to retrieve the antidote. With Mi-ra being brought to the Temple to be sacrificed, Ho-dong hurried the members to quickly retrieve the dark robes. Jong-min was excited to find 7 dark robes at one corner of the room.

The remaining members also secretly entered the room. Jong-min managed to be the first to put on the robe and scared the remaining members and Ha-li out of their wits to the Preparation Room as they thought they were being discovered. In the Preparation Room, the members discussed that everyone was to go back to the Sacrificial Waiting Room.

Jong-min re-enter the Follower Dormitory to retrieve the remaining 6 sets dark robes and return to the Sacrificial Waiting Room. In the Sacrificial Waiting Room, members and Ha-li put on the dark robes. Ho-dong entered the Store and found out the use of the remaining bunch of keys. One of the keys opened the door of the faulty vending machine to the Secret Laboratory. Byung-jae remembered from the video that the followers will drink the "Holy water" during the ritual, the members can secretly put the "anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic" to the "Holy water" and save Mi-ra once the followers have fallen unconscious.

The recipe book explained the usage of each potion. The anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic takes effect after 5 minutes to cause the users to be unconscious.

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After the followers has taken the anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic, members discussed that they should delay the ritual to let the anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic to take effect. Members found out that the "anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic", "Holy water" and courage pill were already made in advance and left one the table.

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Dong-hyun and Shin-dong each ate a courage pill. Members and Ha-li returned to the Follower Dormitory to find a route to the Temple as the main door to the Temple is locked. They were unable to find any alternate route. They end up going back to the Preparation Room after learning that the ritual will start ten minutes. Members and Ha-li go to the Secret Den to review the ritual video.

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Members discussed ways to mix the "Holy water" and "anti-drowsiness nourishment tonic" during the ritual. Byung-jae accidentally fell to the ground to create a distraction while Shin-dong and Jong-min will take care of Byuang-jae. Ethnic and racial group. British Asians in association football. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Ethnic group, local authorities in the United Kingdom". Office for National Statistics. Retrieved 25 April Retrieved 18 March Indian Travellers and Settlers in Britain, Archived from the original on 27 April Retrieved 27 April Pakistani families in Britain Studies.

Strangers, Aliens and Asians: Huguenots, Jews and Bangladeshis in Spitalfields, — Cities, Migrations, and Identities. Who are the Other Ethnic Groups. Retrieved 23 March The Urdu community in the UK is very much larger than the Hindi community. Most of those who identify themselves as Urdu speakers use a variety of Panjabi as the language of the home, and speak Urdu as a second language for religious and cultural reasons. The overwhelming majority comes from the west Panjab and the Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir, but smaller groups of Gujarati Muslims from both India and East Africa also use Urdu for religious purposes.

A Handbook for Health Professionals. Archived from the original PDF on Agency and Resilience of the Urban and Urbanesque habitat. Retrieved 7 July Ayatollah sentences author to death". A South Asian History of Britain: Fisher, Shompa Lahiri and Shnider Thandi. Archived from the original on Indian Traveller and Settler in Britain — The History of Muslims in Britain, to the Present. Archived from the original on 2 August Retrieved 13 January Studies in Indian Labour History".

Retrieved 5 July Coolies, Capital and Colonialism: Studies in Indian Labour History.

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Routledge Handbook of the South Asian Diaspora. The Story of Indians in Britain ". Multicultural Racism Since ". Goans of the North Atlantic: In Migration, technology and Transculturation: Edited by Myna German and Padmini Banerjee. Another World but with Whom? The Problem With Immigrants. Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 22 October Britain places high value on the power of commerce.

After all, its political and military dominance when Britannia ruled the waves was founded on its trading power. The Gujaratis know this better than many others, which explains their prosperity and success in the UK. The Times of India.

Dating dna asian wiki

Retrieved 4 February British Gujaratis were also more successful than other minority communities in Britain because they had already tasted success in Africa. The book also says that Gujarati Hindus have become notably successful public citizens of contemporary, capitalistic Britain; on the other hand, they maintain close family links with India. Many younger Gujaratis took to professions rather than stay behind the counter of their parents' corner shops, or they entered public life, while those who went into business have not remained in some narrow commercial niche," says the book.

They communicated that hunger to their children," says Raxa Mehta, director at Nomura, based in Tokyo and first generation child of Kenyan Indian parents. So it doesn't surprise the Gujaratis that they did well in Britain — it only surprises the Brits and Indians. The Gujaratis are a trader community. As Manubhai says, they always left the fighting to the others. Developed as the work of the international project which was based on the novels of Haruki Murakami.

dating dna asian wiki Dating dna asian wiki
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